CAN DO Assembly – Reflections

CAN DO Assembly - Reflections

Bridging to the Future is a Birmingham-based organisation which designs, tests and delivers approaches to develop more businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprising people. Duncan Chamberlain, the founder and Managing Director, attended our CAN DO Assembly earlier this year and was kind enough to share his reflections…

Entrepreneurship with purpose. Business with principles and values that are foundations of an organisation, not an optional bolt-on. A shift from the model of shareholder primary to a model of stakeholder balance. A view of business which focuses on making money to make a difference rather than making money for a few individuals. A belief in the potential and power of people to make a difference through ethical trading, community-based economic activities, social entrepreneurship and business as a force for good.

These were the key standouts from the CAN DO Assembly, held in Glasgow in March this year and wonderfully hosted by the Prince’s Trust Scotland.  Attended by a variety of engaged, informed and passionate delegates, it was not only a fascinating and varied day, but as an English businessman I was struck by the togetherness of the event, that there really did seem to be a mission allied to a quiet and steely determination to make Scotland even better.

There was no doubt of the pride in Scotland, but this was not arrogance or complacency, but rather the pride seemed to drive people even more into wanting to make Scotland better for business and for its people – a drive for economic development and equality. There was openness to new ideas, and real passion about business as a force for good.

Underlying there was a clear desire for greater economic independence at individual, community and national level. The focus on capitalism with purpose, mission-aligned governance and social impact was as refreshing as it was realistic. Many of the delegates expressed their desire to learn more, to upskill and to join an entrepreneurial movement in Scotland. Based on the CAN DO Assembly, Scotland has a very bright and equality based future ahead. It was a pleasure to be asked to attend and a privilege to meet so many good people with such strong potential


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